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Our Background

Our initial team collectively has a total of over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field.  We all have worked closely with nursing assistants in various settings. We are all aware of the skills and training that a nursing assistant needs, to be able to provide the proper care.  With our experience and what the federal government requires, we have the advantaged to produce one of the best caregivers out of Saginaw, Bay and surrounding counties.


Program Objectives

*Please note that these objectives are based on federal requirements*
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to residents' social, mental, emotional needs through skillfully directed interactions.

  • Exhibit behavior in support and promotions of residents' rights.

  • Assisting residents in attaining and maintaining functional independence in the work field.

  • Form relationships, communicate and interact completely on a one-on-one basis with the residents'.

  • Demonstrate observational and documentation skills needed in the assessment of an residents' health and/or physical condition

Program Overview

The Bridge To Care CNA Training Academy LLC is an accelerated Certified Nursing Assistant program that has been condensed into a 2 week (75 hrs) program. Our program has been divided into classwork/bookwork, clinical, and laboratory.

Once you have completed our course you will have been taught all the skills and training that is needed for employment at a hospital, assisted living, nursing home, and/or home care settings.

We will strive and work together in preparation for you to take the State of Michigan Certified Nursing Assistant test.

*Please note: The clinical component of the training will be conducted in a healthcare setting.*

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